Шампанского А. Робеpт

Sustainable development

The exceptional quality of A. Robert Champagnes owes much to the unique terroir from which they come. Preserving the environment is therefore naturally seen as essential to the field of activity. And also, greater attention to environmental practices means consumer protection.

A. Robert estate has obtained the certification HVE (High Environmental Value) Level 3, the highest level. This official label, issued by the french governement, measure actual results in four areas: biodiversity, fertilization, pest control and water management.

Engaged for several years now in this direction with the help of an environmental consultant, the estate has indeed taken many concrete actions among which are:

  • Practice of sustainable viticulture on the entire vineyard: planting hedges, fruit trees near the headlands, placing small boxes and stonewalls in the vineyards. The wood stakes (acacia) come from the forest around Fossoy. The barrels are made with oak from French forests.
  • Preservation of soil quality, grassing of the vineyards, reducing the use of inputs. The sexual confusion solution allows to limit the use of insecticides.
  • Optimizing water management, gathering rainwater, selective waste, optimizing energy consumption.

Since the grapes used to produce the champagnes A. Robert come exclusively from its own domain, traceability of the grapes are 100% guaranteed.

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