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Seeking to take our global vision further, we also support the arts and participate in the conversation of our cultural patrimony.

Since 2010 , Champagne A.Robert has been involved in supporting young artists and in the preservation of our cultural heritage. By joining the association “Les Amis du Louvre” (Friends of the Louvre), Champagne A.Robert has become one of the patron of the Louvre museum.

A few words on Louvre:

The Louvre boasts a long and lustrous career of preserving France’s art and cultural history. Its building situated in the heart of Paris exist since the 12th century.

A universal museum in constant evolution, the Louvre covers a large period extending from Antiquities to present day. It is comprised to eight departments: Oriental Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek Antiquities, Etruscan and Roman, Islamic Art, Sculptures, Art Objects, Paintings, Graphic Art.

The Louvre is the biggest museum in the world.
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