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Le Temps (Time)

“Time enhances nature,
Time reveals equilibrium”

The cultivation of vines and the elaboration of champagne is naturally a long-term task. Past, present, future.

Whether it’s allowing the vine to freely express itself, aging our champagnes or simply sharing a moment…we take the time to get it right.

Champagne A. Robert en 1900

Time is our ally.
In our vineyard as in our cellar, it is a force that reveals balance.

During the blending process, in the quest for harmony and balance we use our reserve wines that have been conserved in oak barrels. From there, the wine becomes champagne. However, we need to be patient; leave the bottles rest in peace, sometimes for more than 10 years.
Only when time has done his work, is it the moment to awaken the champagne to get it ready to share.

Champagne A. Robert - travail en cave

Our lands are living.
A young vine will ask to be guided, an old vine to be listened to. Our vines are on average 31 years old. Almost a generation. The vine that we plant, the land that we care for and love today, we preserve for our children.

Invigorated by our roots and driven by a desire to transmit, we work deliberately and actively towards a more sustainable and committed future.

Since the first deed established by Robert Le Jeune in 1722, the attachment to our land and the pleasure of this work has been transmitted from generation to generation to André, Alain and today Arnaud Robert.
A story of A...
The know-how accumulated is as much a family wealth as a solid and enduring tie to the past.

Champagne A. Robert - vines

Champagne A. ROBERT
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