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La Terre


Find the delicate point of equilibrium between
“la Terre, les Hommes, le Temps” *

* La Terre = earth, land, soil / les Hommes = man / le Temps = time

Our Commitments

Since 1722, my family has been rooted to its land.
I know it intimately, preserve it,
And work every day to encourage more life in its soil.
On this depends the typicity of each of my 68 plots
From the Marne Valley to the Côte des Blancs.

Surrounded by passionate women and men.
Perpetually seeking balance,
Together, without presumption,
we encourage the development of singularities.
To include them in our approach, enriches us every day.

Arnaud Robert

Making time our ally is essential
Respecting his cadence, understanding his mysteries
Elaborating the best of today
And already imagining, the champagne of tomorrow.

Uniting ‘la terre, les hommes , le temps’,
We transform complex know-how
Into an immediate emotion.
A champagne; fresh, balanced, generous.
A champagne to share.
A champagne to love.
A champagne,

Champagne A. ROBERT
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