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Le Temps

Les Hommes (Man)

“In harmony with nature, man translates
a complex know-how into emotions”


In our complex undertaking to seek harmony, man plays a primordial role. It is all the more important to us being winegrower and independent, having thus the advantage of being masters of our own choices and the power to measure their impact.

Champagne A. Robert - Harvest time

Passionate. Through our winemaking we encourage the development of singularities. Blending, plot selection, mono-grape varietal, mono-terroir, vintage…
every choice contributes to the creation of our cuvées, an expression of our personality.

Surrounded by dedicated women and men, Arnaud has cultivated the family land since 2000. The quest for quality cannot by achieved without the implication of our team.

Champagne A. Robert - Harvest time

This wealth of expertise and experience is one of our key strengths. The satisfaction of work well done, the transmission of knowledge and skills, and importantly the ecological dimension of our work encourages the involvement of everyone.

Whether it be in the vineyard, the cellar or elsewhere, all our actions, even the most modest have an impact.

Our patronage actions...

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Champagne A. ROBERT
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