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Savoir-faire and finesse

Savoir-faire and finesse - Champagne A. Robert.

From vine to cellar, the A. Robert Champagne House uses its ancestral savoir faire to offer champagnes of great finesse.

Champagne Barrel making

Champagne Barrel making - Champagne A. Robert.

How a traditional Champagne barrel is made. Take a look on how a skillful cooper transforms planks of oak wood into a Champagne barrel. The barrels used for aging their wines and champagnes by A. Robert Champagne are traditionally made by a cooper. With all the knowledge of long tradition, he knows how to choose from forests giving the best oaks that will split along the grain. After drying, the staves are shaped to form a perfect barrel.The techniques are demanding and require great expertise.

Grape and cork

Grape and cork - Champagne A. Robert.

The quality of cork closures used guarantees the stability and long conservation of the champagne. Being a natural product, cork requires as much care and attention as the culture of the vine. Total quality control of all stages from tree to cork is equally essential.

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